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One place for all your user data

Windsor indexes events across all your company's tools so you can easily find what a user did using just their name or email address.

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Windsor is for teams that obsess about their users. Invites go out every week.

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Search across everything

Data on your users is spread across analytics, support tickets, emails, SaaS, etc. When you're supporting a user, Windsor helps you find exactly what you need quickly. Getting the data into Windsor is really easy too...

One-click integrations

Since you already use the best tools for your company, we make it easy to connect them to Windsor with just a few clicks. And when we don't support a tool, you can use our APIs to send events to Windsor directly.

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Expressive User Segments

Find users who are on the free plan but added a card (Stripe), or new users who have yet to receive an email from you (Sendgrid) or anything else you'd like to query. Windsor has the most expressive syntax to segment users by their behavior.

Find all your user data in one place. Invites go out every week.