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One place for all your user data

Windsor indexes events across all your company's tools so you can easily find what a user did using just their name or email address.

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Windsor is for teams that obsess about their users. Invites go out every week.

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Search everything

Data on your users is spread across analytics, support tickets, emails, SaaS, etc. When you're supporting a user, Windsor helps you find exactly what you need quickly. Getting the data into Windsor is really easy too...

One-click integrations

Since you already use the best tools for your company, we make it easy to connect them to Windsor with just a few clicks. And when we don't support a tool, you can use our APIs to send events to Windsor directly...

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All your events

Everything in Windsor is stored as an event. When a customer adds a new card, uninstalls the app or opens a new ticket, we track those as events. You can then find users by the events they’ve done or find events for a user quickly!

Find all your user data in one place. Invites go out every week.

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